Residing in the US for over 20 years, Mundo’s inspiration comes from the transition of his experiences…. from the forestry department in Mexico to the fruit industry on the west coast and then to east coast commercial construction where he observed the loss and lack of greenery in urban environments. Mundo and designer Dianne Rohrer met when they joined forces to create her small urban garden.

Working together, and now married, they co-founded Mundo Verde Ortega and are devoted to developing methods that meld the beauty of the natural environment into vertical urban structures. The work utilizes living plant material as the medium and explores growing vertically given the tight constraints of urban spaces. Together, they research and develop - scale, species for various light levels, lighting sources when natural light is not available, irrigation systems and materials.

The water required is recycled through recirculation and many of the alls utilize species listed in NASA’s Clean Air Study as those that absorb toxins in the air. The design and fabrication are MUNDO’S PURE ARTISTRY.

The end goal is the beauty and joy
brought to the human experience

The mission is to help people remember
that plants improve life and that perhaps…

besides filtering the air…
they may also filter our minds.